Five Facts About Diet And Fitness

Some of the myths that have occurred over time, are able to be play with seriously affect food and fitness habits. We present below a series of these myths, eliminated by the specialists, the market is not as effective as the execution. It will burn calories from your body if you will run for 30 minutes, unless you go to 30 minutes. But if a person run and go through the same thing that goes the distance, will be approximately the same number of calories burned.

So if you are in a mood to choose “slowly”, surely you’ll like a weak person who decided to continue. In fact, studies have shown that regardless of more than the duration of the intensity of physical activity. They amplify the feeling of hunger exercises, It is said that if you eat more than you burn hundreds of calories during physical activity. But research shows that physical exercises have no effect on the nutritional needs of a person, except the athletes who train for two hours every day, or even more. In fact, it seems that hunger is reduced during and after exercise.

Regardless of which is the source of calories. Obviously, not all foods are the same as the number of calories and the effect that has on the body. Firstly, in the case of food, your body will be more effort to chew digest, metabolize and store than others. On the other hand, each group has different effects of food to the level of sugar in the blood. Carbohydrate, such as bread, biscuits and fruit drinks are in the level of sugar in the blood, which promotes deposition of fat, take the weight and improve the level of hunger.

Foods rich in fiber, other side (fruits, vegetables, whole grains) and proteins, but do grow does not so much sugar in the blood, which makes it more “friendly” with its opinion. Last but not least, water-rich foods, such as vegetables or soups, low-calorie hunger assistance, so stop eating much before if you eat more foods rich in calories. But the regime is sufficiently definitive for the weak. You will lose pounds in no time if you reduce the amount of calories, but experts say that the exercises are those that help to remove the additional books permanently.

Exercise burns calories and contributes to the development of muscle mass, while more muscle mass you have, more is still smaller than the “space” for body fat. Muscle tissue also consumed more calories of fat. Therefore, the mass more than a, burn more calories to the muscle remains. There is no best time to exercise. If you want to practice physical activities only to stay in shape or pale for some books, no matter when you do so, provided that you do.

But if you are interested to make a better quality physical activity program, Then you may decide to do the exercises during the night, when the body temperature is high. Already warms the muscles and the reaction time is very short.

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