Consumption of Healthy Food Diets With Advantages and Disadvantages

There are some foods that made a bad reputation, without solid arguments. Potatoes and eggs are a few examples, but that provide benefits to the health if consumed in moderation.Label of bad food that have received some food is based on the argument that they have a high fat content, which are rich in cholesterol and heart diseases problem may affect us.These are some of the so-called bad foods, but with real benefits when consumed in moderate quantities:

1. Chocolate:

It is considered to be evil because it may have many fats, sugar and artificial flavors with many different fat ingredients.

Reasons why it is good to eat: If you choose variants of chocolate with a high content of cocoa (more than 70%) you can eat without worries. In addition, it has the substance that protects the heart and reduces the levels of stress. Black Chocolate “is a very good source of antioxidants, it has a high content of cocoa and milk has a lower fat content.” Drink dark chocolate with confidence-bittersweet, but as part of a “balanced diets.

2. Eggs:

It is considered bad because cholesterol,found in the yolk.

Reasons why it is good to eat:Studies show that do not present any danger to health if consumed in moderate amounts. “The egg is an excellent source of high quality protein”. A healthy person (adult) can consume 4 to 5 eggs per week, and people who have high cholesterol should not exceed 2-3 eggs per week.Egg yolk contains lutein and macular compounds that reduce the risk of degeneration.

In addition, research shows that if you eat at breakfast, the feeling of satiety is very large and long duration, preventing to eat much at lunch. This is useful for people who want to gain high protein, choose foods that are energetic for a longer period.

3. Peanut butter:

It is considered to be harmful if it is taken in excessive use, because this food contains very hard cholesterol.

Reasons why it is good to eat:It has a high fat content, but this is not a reason to eat at all, because you can choose a recommended quality hydrogenated butter grease to health. Consumed in moderate quantities (for example, 1 table spoon of peanut butter contains 80 calories), peanut butter is an excellent source of protein and folic acid, it is vitamin B which is important in the development of new cells.

4. Beef and Veal:

It is also considered to be harmful because, this food is saturated with high fats and cholesterol that affects the heart.

Reasons why it is good to eat:Cuts of meat are cleaned of grease, it is an important source of protein and iron in particular, which is essential for the functioning the body. “Therefore, recommended consumed in moderate quantities (one serving per week)”. Meat in excess can result in drop prone individuals. The meat is rich in fat, saturated fatty acids and excessive consumption can affect the health of the heart and arteries, says by the specialist.”


It can also considered bad because they have a high glycemic index and increase the level of sugar in the blood (blood sugar levels) and it can be diabetic for the certain community of peoples.

Reasons why it is good to eat:It can moderate amounts (without the participation of the FRY in oil), potatoes are a good source of fiber, potassium and vitamin C. Additionally, if you are concerned that they can increase blood glucose levels, you can add limited amount of olive oil then danger can no longer exists, because the addition of fat decreases the absorption of carbohydrates.


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