Causes, Symptoms And Problems Of Eczema

eczema 1Due to the development in medical sciences, awareness about the disease is observed now among people. But the question is that if we are safer as we used to be in the early ages. Due to our small carelessness, there are a lot of uninvited diseases around us. A common man is still unconscious about the result that what can happen if he/she suffers from a disease. Eczema is a disease in which a person’s skin becomes patched that cause itching and inflaming and due to the roughness of the skin, sometimes there is a severe bleeding out of the blisters.

By moisturize the skin, there is a relief for sometime, but it is not a permanent solution. There are different types of skin diseases that are considered the types of Eczema. Some allergic conditions, baby skin rashes and skin dandruff also considered to be its sub-forms.

Causes of Eczema

There are a lot of things that cause eczema. Sometimes constant use of the jewelry or the clothes of infected person and remaining close to the mild irritants like battery acid, bad quality detergents, chemical, bleaching and permanent unhygienic conditions can become cause of a ‘Eczema’. Sometimes bite of insects can become a major cause of it as well. As there are many causes, but the most prominent one that doctors say is the abnormal function of the immune system. House dust, wool dust, abundant use of eggs and cow’s milk can fan the fire and make it severe for adults as well as for children.

Symptoms of Eczema

Eczema is a common word that is being used for many types of the skin inflammatory conditions. So a lot of symptoms can be seen on a victim’s skin. Mostly the affected skin becomes inflamed, red, itching and dry. If it has different symptoms and it appears in different forms in different persons, there is one very common thing that is severe itching in the beginning. A person scratches the skin again and again and it can happen abundantly in the dry season. It leads to the thickened and crusty skin that often bleeds. If there are certain parts of the body that can be affected by ‘Eczema’, but it can appear in any part of the body like neck, scalp, arms, upper side of the hands, on the fingers, forehead, forearms, cheeks or legs.

Diagnosis of Eczema

Still there is not a sure way to diagnose eczema because of the common symptoms of allergy and different types of eczema; diagnosis can be made on a person’s family history or the past conditions of body. As in this condition, every person has different symptoms of the disease and it also varies from region to region. Doctors may succeed in finding out the difference between allergy and eczema by recommending the different tests like blood test, allergy skin test and some others. It may also be diagnosed by the symptoms given in eczema free forever

Problems Caused by Eczema

Due to the severe skin conditions in the disease, patient get disturbed a lot. Some parts of the skin look aged as the wrinkles appear and make the person feel bad. Small babies feel unrest at night and even in the hot dry season. Nails of feet and hand become bad in shape, scalp becomes dry and layers of dandruff appear abundantly

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