5 Simple Anti Aging Tips For Women

topantiagingskintreatment02Women from every continent of the world whether it is Asia, Africa, America or Europe, have one thing in common and that is the desire to have wrinkle-free skin to look beautiful and young.

A woman’s beauty is described by her healthy & glowing skin which begins to wrinkle with the growing age that makes her look older than her actual age. As aging is a natural process, it cannot be stopped with medications, but can be slower down by using natural herbs, taking exercise and making some certain changes in lifestyle.

Pollution, weather, depression, unhealthy foods, skin diseases, fake skin care creams and the sun’s harmful rays cause premature aging. However, you can still have wrinkle free skin by following these 5 simple anti aging tips.

1. Water consumption

Human body contains 70-90 percent of water, so it is an essential factor which makes our body organs function properly by cleaning our digestive system and providing necessary nutrients to the body. Drinking minimum 8 glasses of water would fulfill the need of body and help staying away from premature aging.

2. Natural Herbs

Natural herbs are the plants with lots of nutrients. Use of natural herbs is the best solution to make your skin wrinkle-free. Sandal and turmeric are natural and traditional herbs which are used for refreshing skin. You can easily make a pack of cream at your home to apply on your skin.

You can also buy products which contain vitamin A, C and E; these vitamins restore the natural beauty of your skin and make it wrinkle free.

3. Massage with oil

A woman’s skin is more sensitive than a man’s since it requires more care and moisture. Massaging the body skin with coconut, olive or almond oil always gives the perfect and desired results.

4. Follow a proper diet plan

If you really want to have wrinkle free skin and prevent premature aging, you must prepare a proper diet plan to know what foods cause aging and which ones provide necessary nutrients to stay away from aging. Prepare foods at home as this will let you have complete control to choose the right food.

Include fresh and green vegetable and low sugar fruits in your diet like beans, avocados, walnut, melon, wholegrain, oily fish, omega rich oils and seafood; they provide nutrients to your body in anti-aging process and have wrinkle free skin.

You should exclude high level carbohydrate foods, microwave food, processed foods, deep fried foods, preserved meat, artificial sweeteners, cheese, chocolate, margarine, canola oil, hydrogenated oils, soy oil, cigarettes, caffeine and alcohol out of your diet plans.

5. Relaxation, exercise & sleep

To slow down the aging process, you must take regular exercise for about 30 minutes every day. In addition, you should sleep minimum 8 hours every night and take some time out of your busy life at least once a week to watch some good movie, read an interesting book or go to spa or beach.

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